Business Coaching

Who better to help lead you through the ups and downs and twists and turns of growing a business than someone that’s already been through it? That’s Murphy!
— JoAnn Yoder, Brumit Restaurant Group

Be smart enough to know you need help and brave enough to ask for it.

Tell Your Story-Get Support for the Journey.

I have been helping businesses grow and tell their stories for over 10 years as the founder, partner and brand strategist at Kudzu Brands, a successful brand and marketing agency.

As a business coach, I like to say that I have learned every business lesson the really hard way which makes me the leading expert on “what not to do”.

As a brand strategist, I am an expert at helping businesses tell their stories and generate creative ideas to make meaningful connections with their ideal clients.

Owning or leading a business is not easy! You must be focused, confident and ready for what’s next. However, too many business owners lead with their heads down and their hands full and, never ask for help. Let’s change that. My special skill is helping business owners and leaders lose the baggage, clear the mental clutter and get out of their own way. I’ll be your biggest champion and a mentor as you scale your personal mountain to success.

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Hourly Business Coaching

Need a business pep talk, some fresh ideas or guidance to tell you story or optimize your impact as a business owner or leader? Spend a power hour with Murphy.

$250 hour. First session is always 1.5 hours

Ongoing Coaching

Option A: Meet with Murphy twice per month in person or over the phone. Get ongoing support, insight and guidance to meet your goals.

$500 month

Option B: Meet with Murphy three times per month in person or over the phone plus weekly e-mail check-in. Get ongoing support, insight and guidance to meet your goals.

$700 month

Option C: Meet with Murphy four times per month in person or over the phone plus unlimited emails. Get the maximum support and guidance to meet your goals.

$1,200 per month

How I Can Help

With over 20 years of business experience, 10 of which were spent growing my own successful business, I can help other business owners and leaders with:

  • Business strategy

  • Brand and marketing strategy

  • Refining Your Message

  • Refining Your Purpose/Why

  • Deciding What to Focus On

  • Guidance & Support

  • Fresh Ideas

  • Partner Challenges

  • Leadership

  • Time Management Skills

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • Finding Balance

  • Creativity & Innovation